Zend Amf example with AIR interface and Unit Test
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For my memory and your pleasure I’ve setup a fully functional example as starting point for a FLEX-CMS generator project.

I’d like to post it for all those have problems setting up a remoting client in flex using Zend AMF as application gateway.

This tutorial requires advanced skills in FLEX / AIR, and basic knowledge of what you are doing. as no comments appear in code. For those who are starting up this kind of project will help a lot as structure reference.

Repository Location

Repository is located at:

To checkout this repository, please run the following:

  • svn checkout (SSL) or
  • svn checkout (No SSL)

This package includes:
PHP side

  • the minimum requirements for Zend AMF to work in folder Zend
    thanks to Wade Arnold and Zend community
  • Implementation of php VO and Controller in folder dao
  • Implementation of daos and generator base
    thanks to
  • Implementation of gateway
  • Cross domain file


  • Implementation of as3 remoting Service
  • Implementation of as3 VO
  • Implementation of unit test runner in AIR/

    thanks to FLEXUNIT
  • Implementation of example interface


This package has been testd in xampp on windows, so, considering that you haven’t tweaked xampp if you are smart enough to tweak xampp you can also tweak my code ;)

Your xampp home page is in http://localhost/xampp/
Your mysql instance accepts root as username and no pwd

Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and run the SQL Script in test.sql in order to create database and table

Unzip the project into your htdocs/zendexample folder

Setup a new project in Flex Builder 3 named zendexample, pointing to folder

First run

Run one of the two air applications in flex project.

unittest.mxml for unit testing

admin.mxml for cms like app


I have no time for answering to comments.. but please comment anyway maybe someone will help.

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