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A complex interactiviy mashup with wordpress xmlrpc api, papervision, mattimatti’s microphone sensor class.Un mashup interactivo complejo con API XMLRPC wordpress, papervision y el sensor microfono di mattimatti.

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PLAIN TEXT PHP: <?php       // include server library        include('rpc/class-IXR.php');     include('rpc/JSON.php');       /**    * Server Implementation    * @author mmonti    *    */ class RPCServer extends IXR_Server {           // constructor     function RPCServer() {         [...]

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I've been playing around with WordPress for some time this summer, and figured out that with the right combination of plugins and a little bit of creativity we can turn this easy to install and easy to mantain blog into a CMS. So, first you have to install wordpress 2.8.4 on your server and configure [...]

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