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Una parte delicada y curiosa de Flex es la gestión de las fuentes embebidas o incrustadas. Incrustar una fuente en nuestra al¡aplicación puede cambiar dramáticamente el peso del swf generado. y especialmente si la web és multi-idioma podemos encontrarnos a recargar la aplicación de hasta un mega.. lo que trasforma una RIA en FIA (fat [...]

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For my memory and your pleasure I've setup a fully functional example as starting point for a FLEX-CMS generator project. I'd like to post it for all those have problems setting up a remoting client in flex using Zend AMF as application gateway. This tutorial requires advanced skills in FLEX / AIR, and basic knowledge [...]

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Today I've discovered an improvement to file uploads from AIR. Using the upload method from flash.filesystem.File , we'lll send the bytearray uncompressed to a server service. great. However with this little script we can save large amount of bandwidth compressing the bytearray data before sending. As always feel free to use it and abuse it. [...]

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