We believe it is possible to create more natural and effective interaction models, Imagine nearly transparent interfaces and presentations where people feel engaged with and immersed in the actual content and communication that they are attempting to access. That is the revolution. And that is the my vision for rich experiences.

Ten Years of experience matters
A flash based contribution for the 2010 TOUS website.
Cutting edge Flash Video Player for Catalan Television
A complex and short animation as a banner for NATS website
A facebook integrated sweepstake campaign for Sony spain.
Elegant one-page website for one of the top ten spanish power houses.
Little widget displaying room capacities for Hotel Art's meeting rooms
Ecommerce website for Vibropower product line based on prestashop platform.
A website for a small residence in Ibiza, it's built upon proprie
A wordpress implementation fetching daily email attachments.
An air application connected to qporama webservices for coupons r
A simple HTML/css website showing the Beautycenter product-line.
Webstite for New York based singer Pandhora

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