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3alacarta 2010
3alacarta 2010

This is my second, and the latest front-end flash of the 3alacarta video platform i develop for catalan television CCRTVI.

This time the contractor has been Runroom and with them I played the role of client side chief architect and Senior as3 developer.

The video players have been concieved as a multi-view MVC application sharing a common codebase (core).

Two were the main products:

The small video player to be embedded around like the famous youtube, had to be very light and custom skinnable and accessible through a javascript API interface.

The full screen interface is an immersive visual experience with loads of content suggestion and research features. social interactions are possible through many widgets granted by a solid plugin architecture.

Notable Features are..

Runtime skin loading, multi language subtitles, support for HD, content filtering by country. javascript api, deep analytics. and many more. .just use it and enjoy it.

Technologies used in this project are:

  • Actionscript 3
  • Open Video Player framework
  • Pure MVC
  • facebook as3 api

check it out

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